Fun Activities For Your Wedding Reception

There are many things to plan in a wedding reception. In this article, we will be focusing on entertainment options. Most wedding receptions can go till late and you will need some fun activities to keep your guests entertained. There are many creative ways of ensuring that they are happy and occupied. You have to create a reception that they will remember for a long time.

One of the things you need to remember is that you don’t have to spend excessively to ensure that your guests have a good time. You can create fun games and activities that everyone will be able to participate in. You can have an interactive food station to keep your guests excited. You can discuss it with your caterer and come up with food selections that are inventive. One way you can do this is to have a dessert bar complete with chocolate fountain. You can also have a build-it-yourself taco bar or any other food item. Children will love this idea and you will see many guests enjoying themselves over it. They will be able to exercise their creativity as well. You can also have a party photo booth hire.

People love to take photos and this will be a good way to make a permanent memory of the night. In addition to the photo booth rental, you can keep some question cards on the guest tables that will allow the guests to interact. Keep the questions light such as romantic places to visit, names for future kids, places to have a permanent residence, perfect vacationing spots etc. Who knows, you may be able to get some good ideas out of them as well. The couple can also interact with the guests in games such as ‘facts and a lie’ where you pose several facts that are true about yourself including one lie. People who know you well will be able to spot the lie immediately. You can use fun trivia questions and make sure to include everyone who have been invited. You can also ask the guests about date night ideas and their own experiences with love. This will make for a beautiful evening where you can all celebrate the meaning of love. Elderly couples can tell about how they first met and younger couples can tell about fun things they have done together. You can also have a raffle. You can raffle off small prizes and keepsakes after the night is concluded. Wedding doodles are another way to involve the guests. You can have some doodle cards or a board that will allow anyone to draw on and write blessings on.